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Shula Rich BA MSc

Co-ordinator Brighton Leaseholders Association ..as well as..

Engaged in leasehold issues since 1991. First in a High Court dispute with wealthy and powerful freeholders over a two million pound repair bill.  Five years later she planned the team buy out of the freehold of her block of 105 flats in Brighton under ‘Right of First Refusal’.

Presently Shula co-ordinates BHDLA – (approx. membership 3000). Organises weekly drop-ins, in Brighton, dealing with an average 1500 queries and visits a year.

She has chaired Brighton & Hove Private Sector Housing Forum. Chairs Residents’ Freehold company in block with 105 flats. Member of the Lord Chancellor’s Working Party on Commonhold. Direct Bar Access on Leasehold and Enfranchisement issues.

BHDLA – Brighton Hove & District Leaseholders Association (est. 1978)

Our Aims

Look up ‘Leasehold’- there are millions of mentions on internet search site!

Lease Advice aims to put this information mountain in the right perspective – to advise on the advisors; on the basic issues of leasehold; and on solving the problems successfully. See our Calendar for weekly leasehold events and messages.

Lease Advice is written by Shula Rich who has many years professional and practical experience with leasehold problems.

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